The most important dental research meetings are held worldwide. When the IADR General Session & Exhibition and the AADR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition occur as a combined event, it attracts over 6,000 participants. Every other year, the IADR General Session (outside North America) and the AADR/CADR Annual Meeting (in North America, usually the United States) occur separately, each attracting from 4-6,000 participants. The meetings consist of individual oral and poster presentations and symposia/workshops on topics of major interest to the scientific community. Abstracts from the meetings are published online as Special Issues of the Journal of Dental Research (JDR). Both meetings are excellent forums for the presentation of current dental and collateral research findings.

Upcoming AADR Meetings 

March 16-19, 2016
Los Angeles, Calif., USA
45th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the AADR
40th Annual Meeting of the CADR
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Upcoming IADR Meetings

June 22-25, 2016
Seoul, Republic of Korea
94th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR
3rd Meeting of the IADR Asia Pacific Region
35th Annual Meeting of the IADR Korean Division
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Watch this short video to find out what 2015 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition attendees thought about the meeting and learn why you should attend next year’s meeting in Los Angeles!

AADR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition – Los Angeles, Calif., USA



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