AADR NSRG Mentor Award

In 1997, the AADR National Student Research Group (NSRG) initiated the NSRG Mentor Award. This award was established in order to provide national recognition for outstanding faculty mentors. The recipient of the NSRG Mentor Award will receive a plaque and will be the guest speaker at the annual SRG Faculty Advisors’/SRG Presidents’ event during the 2016 AADR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Los Angeles, California.

Criteria for Nominees

In order to recognize as many mentors as possible, a nominee must not be a past recipient of the mentor Award. Each nominee needs to have experience in research and must show support for student research. The nominee also needs to be a faculty member at the nominating students’ dental school and must be a current member of IADR/AADR.

Making the Nomination

Please include the name of the mentor and a typed essay (approximately one-half to one page, not exceeding one page) describing the nominee and addressing the following points:

  • What impact has the nominee had on Student Research and the local SRG?
  • How does he/she motivate/teach students?
  • A brief background about the nominee’s teaching career (length of time).
  • Please mention the nominee’s current on-going projects.

Note: Three students (can be pre-dental, D.M.D./D.D.S., Ph.D., dual degree or post-doctoral students) must sign and date the application. Students must be members of IADR/AADR.

Nominations are considered for two years.

Nominations should be sent to the AADR Headquarters no later than deadline of December 2, 2016.

Christopher Flow

AADR Headquarters

1619 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22314-3406

Phone: +1.703.299.8096

Fax: +1.703.548.1883

Email: [email protected]


Past Mentor Award Recipients

1997-1998 Dr. Linda LeResche, University of Washington
1998-1999 Dr. Anthony Iacopino, Baylor College of Dentistry

(currently at University of Manitoba)

1999-2000 Dr. Barbara Boyan, University of Texas HSC at San Antonio

(currently at Georgia Institute of Technology)

2000-2001 Dr. Craig Miller, University of Kentucky College of Dentistry
2001-2002 Dr. Sreenivas Koka, University of Nebraska College of Dentistry

(currently at the Mayo Clinic)

2002-2003 Dr. Mary MacDougall, University of Texas HSC at San Antonio

(currently at University of Alabama – Birmingham)

2003-2004 Dr. Kenneth Etzel, University of Pittsburgh
2004-2005 Dr. Rena D’Souza, University of Texas HSC at Houston

(currently at Baylor College of Dentistry)

2005-2006 Dr. John Greenspan, University of California – San Francisco
2006-2007 Dr. Janet Guthmiller, University of Iowa

currently at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)

2007-2008 Dr. Firoz Rahemtulla, University of Alabama – Birmingham
2008-2009 Dr. Roger B. Johnson, University of Mississippi
2009-2010 Dr. Gerard Kugel, Tufts University
2010-2011 Dr. Luisa DiPietro, University of Illinois at Chicago
2011-2012 Dr. Robert Spears, Baylor College of Dentistry
2012-2013 Dr. Mary P. Walker, University of Missouri – Kansas City
2013-2014 Dr. David T.W. Wong, University of California – Los Angeles
2014-2015 Burton Edelstein, Columbia University
2015-2016 Lisa Chung, University of California – San Francisco