IADR Global Headquarters Staff

Christopher H. Fox
Executive Director

Elaine R. Balizet
Receptionist / Membership Assistant

E. Gwynn Breckenridge
Director of Meetings

Tess B. Gowei
Accounting Manager

Norm L. Hayden
Publications Coordinator

Linda T. Hemphill
Director of Publications

Sheri S. Herren
Awards, Fellowships, & Grants Manager

Michael Innocenti
Membership Benefits Coordinator

Michael J. Kalutkiewicz
Director of Government Affairs

Lily B. Knol
Editorial Assistant (PT)

Marissa E. Naspinski
Senior Manager of Membership Benefits

Catherine M. Reich 
Exhibits, Sponsorship & Meetings Manager

Tonya L. Robertson
Senior Accountant

Emily Sidla
Program Manager

Denise S. Streszoff
Senior Director of Marketing & Membership

Janet R. Szych
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Ingrid L. Thomas
Marketing & Communications Manager

R. Darin Walsh
Senior Director of Finance & IT



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