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The American Association for Dental Research (AADR) is actively involved in national legislative affairs and advocacy. AADR collaborates with numerous medical organizations to advocate for sustainable and adequate investments in biomedical research broadly, as well as focuses specifically on the need for increased commitment to dental research within various federal agencies. The AADR Government Affairs Committee works with the Director of Government Affairs to set an annual federal agenda and coordinate the advocacy activities of the organization. However, it is the grassroots participation of the AADR membership that truly impacts policy decisions within the federal government.

The AADR Government Affairs team encourages all members of the dental research community to engage their elected officials regularly, but at least on an annual basis, to communicate the important advances that are being made both nationally and at the local level. Members of Congress, in particular, want to know how federal programs impact their constituents. The future of dentistry, both as a profession and in the effectiveness of care provided, is very much reliant on decisions made in Washington, DC. AADR provides several tools to make communicating with Members of Congress simply and quick.

Please contact Director of Government Affairs Carolyn Mullen at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to discuss additional ways to participate in AADR advocacy efforts.

Interested in making a consistent advocacy effort? Consider the following AADR opportunities:

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