IADR Unilever Hatton Competition & Awards

Supported by Unilever Oral Care

Deadline: January 19, 2016

The IADR Unilever Hatton Competition and Awards is designed to provide an opportunity for the best junior investigators from all IADR Divisions and Sections to present their research at the annual IADR General Session. Of these international competitors, up to six (6) may receive monetary prizes and commemorative plaques in the junior and senior categories.

Unilever Oral Care is generously supporting each candidate’s airfare, hotel accommodations for four nights, and IADR meeting registration fees, as well as offering monetary prizes awarded to the six (6) winners of the Competition to be held on June 21, 2016 at the IADR General Session & Exhibition in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

First prize – US$1,600, Second prize – US$800

The awards will be presented during the IADR General Session & Exhibition. Each IADR Division and Section is invited and encouraged to send candidates to participate in this event. Prospective candidates should contact their Division/Section Presidents if they are interested in entering the competition since you must receive Divisional/Section approval to compete. Each Division/Section must hold its own onsite competition to select its candidate(s). The entries will be judged by the IADR Awards Review Committee during the Meeting.


All candidates must be a current member of or, at the time of submission, have made bona fide application to the IADR.

The Competition is open to the Divisions and Sections of the IADR.

The number of competitors a Division may enter is determined by the following formula, based on Divisional Membership:


Number of full IADR members in a Division (NOT including student, retired or affiliate members) IADR Hatton entries per Division
<50 1
50-500 2
501-1000 3
1001-1500 4
1501-2000 5
2001 and up 6


*Each IADR non-Divisional Section may select one (1) candidate upon successful completion of a Section Competition.

Candidates may be divided between the three categories of competition as the Division/Section wishes. The IADR Global Headquarters will provide travel and hotel arrangements for the candidates.

Categories of Competition:


Currently enrolled in a B.D.S./D.D.S. (Bachelor’s and/or dental degree). This competition will be limited to those candidates who have carried out their research as part of undergraduate/professional training (research undertaken as an undergraduate science student, as a dental student, or at a time of pursuing an intercalated science degree while in training as a dental student).


Entrants must be enrolled in a post-dental, post-graduate, or Ph.D. program or have performed the research submitted to the competition within three (3) years of their earning the award of Ph.D. Entrants for this category would have carried out research as part of a higher degree, either a Masters, Ph.D., or M.D. with previous laboratory experience, or as part of specialty training, and post-doctorals. The Senior Category is divided into two sections:

  • Clinical/Pre-clinical Research: Involving research on human subjects and/or epidemiologic studies.
  • Basic Science Research: Involving laboratory or animal research.


On the abstract form and presentation, the entrant must be listed first, as primary author and presenter of the abstract entered for the competition. Co-authors, if any, should also be listed on both the abstract and the presentation. In order to be considered for the competition, the contestant’s research may not have been published or presented at any major scientific meeting (with the exception of the Divisional/Section Meeting at which the contestant is selected), prior to submission of the abstract to the IADR.


By abstract deadline, Divisions/Sections must submit to the IADR Global Headquarters the name or names of candidates, title(s) of their presentation(s), and the category in which each is entered.  

Please submit information to Sheri S. Herren, Strategic Programs Manager at [email protected].

Candidates MUST submit an abstract and biosketch form via the IADR Meeting Abstract Submission site to the IADR Global Headquarters by the abstract deadline date of January 19, 2016, if they have been selected by their Division/Section (includes AADR).

Candidates must indicate on the biosketch form that they are IADR Unilever Hatton Competitors and the category in which they are entering (junior, or senior: basic science or senior: clinical research).


Candidates will present their research in an oral presentation format (up to 10 minutes verbal presentation, and a question-and-answer period not to exceed 5 minutes). English language facility should not be a factor when the work is judged; however, the ability to communicate effectively with the reviewers is desirable. The Hatton Awards judging will occur privately on June 21, 2016. Competitors will be present during the judging to present their research and answer any questions the judges may have. Hatton competitors will be scheduled a second time to present their science to the general public in a poster presentation. Detailed instructions regarding the oral and poster presentations will be sent to all competitors.  Entries in the three categories will be judged separately.

Judging Criteria:

In judging, the IADR Awards Review Committee will weigh participation as follows: 40% for verbal presentation, 30% for question-and-answer period, and 30% for scientific merit.

The following will be considered:

1. originality and design of the investigation;

2. quality of the data produced;

3. suitability of the methods of analysis used;

4. scientific value of the work;

5. quality of the poster presentation;

6. demonstrated mastery of the subject.

For further information, please contact your Division/Section President or:

Sheri S. Herren

Strategic Programs Manager

[email protected]

2015 Recipients:

Junior Category

1st Place

Laura Graham

Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

2nd Place

Joshua Chong

National University of Singapore

Senior Basic Science Category

1st Place

Reniqua House

Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA

2nd Place

Juliana Delben

UNESP, Araraquara, Brazil

Senior Clinical Research Category

1st Place

Maryam Jessri

The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

2nd place

Ana Badovinac

University of Zegreb, Croatia


2014 Recipients:

Junior Category

1st Place

Rebekah Eves

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

2nd Place

Kyulim Lee

University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

Senior Basic Science Category

1st Place

Joo-Young Park

NIH, Bethesda, Md., USA (Representing the IADR Korean Division)

1st Place

Marit Aure

University of Rochester, New York, USA

Senior Clinical Research Category

1st Place

Paul Hyde

University of Leeds, England, UK

2nd place

Patricia González-Alva

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


2013 Recipients:

Junior Category

1st Place

Kyle Holmberg

NIDCR/NIH and University of Minnesota, USA

2nd Place

Panruethai Trongkij

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Senior Basic Science Category

1st Place

Wanida Ono

Harvard University, USA

2nd Place

Sasha Dimitrova-Nakov

Universite Paris Descartes, France

Senior Clinical Research Category

1st Place

Martin Schimmel

University of Geneva, Switzerland

2nd place

Jaana Helenius-Hietala

University of Helsinki, Finland


2012 Recipients:

Junior Category

1st Place: Jonathan An – University of Washington, Seattle, USA

2nd Place: Patricia Brooks – University of Western Ontario, Canada

Senior Category (Basic Science)

1st Place: Mildred Embree – Columbia University, New York, USA

2nd Place: Farhan Khan – Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Senior Category (Clinical Research) 

1st Place: Gerald McKenna – University College Cork, Ireland

2nd Place: Mervi Gursoy – University of Turku, Finland


2011 Recipients:

Junior Category:

1st Place: Grace Lee –  University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

2nd Place: Katherine O’Donnell – Queen’s University of Belfast, Ireland

Senior Category (Basic Science):

1st Place: Luciana Branco-de-Almeida – FOP/UNICAMP, Piracicaba SP, Brazil

2nd Place: Jeffrey Kim – University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Senior Cateogry (Clinical Research):

1st Place: Nicola Innes – University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

2nd Place: Maria del Carmen Villanueva Vilchis – National University of Mexico


2010 Recipients:

Junior Category:

1st Place: Paul Hooi – University of Dublin, Ireland

2nd Place: Jia Hao – University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Senior Category (Basic Science):

1st Place: Niroshani Soysa – Tokyo Medical & Dental University, Japan

2nd Place: Kheng Tan – University of Melbourne, Carlton, Australia

Senior Category (Clinical Research)

1st Place:  David Conway – University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

2nd Place: Maria Athanassiou-Papaefthymiou – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, US


2009 Recipients:

Junior Category:

1st Place: Alexander Nee – University of California, San Francisco

2nd Place: Bo Yu – University of California, Los Angeles 

2nd Place: Jaime Diaz – University of Los Andes, Santiago, Chile

Senior Category (Basic Science)

1st Place: Turki Alhazzazi – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 

2nd Place: Sutipalin Suwannakul – University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Senior Category (Clinical Research)

1st Place: Elham Emami – University of Montreal, Canada 

2nd Place: no recipient


2008 Recipients:

Junior Category:

1st Place: Shilpa Raju – University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

2nd Place: Erica Scheller – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Senior Category (Basic Science)

1st Place: Hugh Kim – University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2nd Place: Lauren Turner – Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Senior Category (Clinical Research)

1st Place: Adriana Pérez-Soria – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City, Mexico

2nd Place: Samar Khoury – Université de Montréal, Quebec, Canada


2007 Recipients:

Junior Category:

1st Place: Aisling Daly – Queen’s University of Belfast, UK

1st Place: Richard Damerau – Barts & the London Queen Mary’s School of Medicine & Dentistry, UK

Senior Category (Basic Science)

1st Place: Shigeyuki Ozawa – Kanagawa Dental College, Japan

1st Place: Nan Hatch – University of Michigan, USA

2nd Place: Danielle DiCara – Barts & the London Queen Mary’s School of Medicine & Dentistry, UK

2nd Place: Leanne Taylor – The University of Melbourne, Australia

Senior Category (Clinical Research)

No recipients.

2006 Recipients:

Junior Category:

1st Place: Jonathan Collier –  British Division

2nd Place: Vincenzo D’Antò – Continental European Division 

Senior Category (Basic Science)

1st Place: Maria Nystrom – British Division

2nd Place: Shashidharan Madhavan – American Association for Dental Research 

Senior Category (Clinical Research)

1st Place: Samantha Byrne – Australian and New Zealand Division

2nd Place: Chrisovalantou Cheretakis – Canadian Division

2005 Recipients:

Junior Category

1st Place: Jeremy Horst – University of Washington, Seattle

2nd Place: Monique Goris – University of Pretoria


Senior Cateogry    

1st Place: Manish Arora – University of Sydney

2nd Place: Guive Balooch – University of California, San Francisco


Post Doctoral Category    

1st Place: Xinquan Jiang – Shanghai Second Medical University

2nd Place: Karen Fong – University of Pennsylvania


2004 Recipients:

Junior Category

1st Place: Justin Barnes – Queen’s University of Belfast, United Kingdom

2nd Place: Adrian DeAngelis – University of Melbourne, Australia

Senior Category

1st Place: Andrew Fribley – University of Michigan, USA

2nd Place: Elizabeth Fozo – University of Rochester, USA

Post-doctoral Category

1st Place: Ulrike Späte – Forsyth Institute, USA

2nd Place: Silvana Pagagerakis – University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, USA