IADR Microbiology/Immunology Travel Awards


The IADR Microbiology/Immunology Group is offering two travel Awards in honor of Dr. Susan Kinder Haake, and, to enhance research and attract early career researchers into the field of oral microbiology and immunology.

The Susan Kinder Haake Award (sponsored by an anonymous donor in the amount of $1000) was conceptualized by the Microbiology/Immunology (M/I) subgroup of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) to honor the memory of Dr. Kinder Haake, D.M.D., M. Dent. Sc., Ph.D., an exceptional colleague who made significant contributions to the discipline of oral microbiology given her seminal work as a clinician-scientist at the UCLA School of Dentistry.  Dr. Haake was passionate about contributing her time, energy and skills to others and aiding in the advancement of her students and her profession.  Accordingly, this award shall be given to a student in training who has conducted outstanding research on the microbial basis of oral infectious disease. 


An abstract must be presented for the IADR General Session & Exhibition in Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 22-25, 2016. The Awards are open to pre-doctoral or post-doctoral students (who must be within 3 years of attaining a PhD) and who:

• have an accepted abstract in Microbiology/Immunology;

• are listed as the presenting author; and

• have a member of the IADR Microbiology/Immunology Group as their mentor


Abstract must be submitted for the General Session & Exhibition of the IADR by the official abstract deadline date, January 19, 2016, adhering to the required submission procedures. In the Awards section of the on-line abstract submission process select IADR Microbiology/Immunology Group Travel Awards.


Submitted abstracts for this award follow the same timetable as all other IADR submitted abstracts for the General Session & Exhibition. Deadlines are posted on the IADR Website at: www.iadr.org. The official deadline for abstract submission will be January 19, 2016.


An awards committee consisting of the Group President, Treasurer, Past-President, Program Chair, and one other Session Organizer will determine the awardees. Award winners will be notified approximately two months after abstract submission.


Up to four awards will be given, each consisting of $1,000 to recognize research excellence and to assist with travel costs to attend the IADR General Session and Exhibition. The awards are non-transferable. The awards will be formally acknowledged at the Group business meeting.

For enquiries about these awards please contact:

Gill Diamond, President, IADR Microbiology/Immunology Group – [email protected]

2015 Recipients:

Susan Kinder Haake Award winner: Stephen Kasper – SUNY, Albany, New York, USA

Arnold Bleiweis Travel Grant winner: Alejandro Aviles-Reyes – University of Rochester, New York, USA

2013 Recipients:

Brodie Miles, Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta, Georgia, USA

Louis Cornachione, Middlebury College, Vermont, USA

Catherine Back, University of Bristol, UK

Chulhee Choi, University of Florida at Gainesville, Florida, USA

2012 Recipients:

Michael J. Walters, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Jeffrey R. Haswell, Middlebury College, Vermont, USA