IADR Norton Ross Fellowship

Canadian Division

Deadline: October 13, 2015


The purpose of this fellowship is to allow a dental or postgraduate student to obtain training and experience in dental or related research. It is awarded every other year and rotates among the IADR Divisions.


The student must be registered in an accredited or acceptable dental school or in a recognized formal postgraduate program. The student should be sponsored by their faculty advisor, direct supervisor or the Dean of the School. Candidates may have a college or advanced degree in a discipline other than dentistry.  Candidates MUST be IADR members.


The applicant should submit a proposal for the Fellowship directly to their Division. The proposal should outline the following:

  • The precise title of the subject to be studied.
  • Detailed description of the subjects to be covered in the training program. 
  • Practical use to which the training acquired would be put. 
  • Proposed duration and dates of the fellowship. 
  • Institute(s) and/or country it is proposed to visit.
  • Reasons for particular institute(s). 
  • Previous fellowships/awards. 
  • Budget for program.


The IADR funds the Fellowship to the amount of US$2,800. The funds will be provided to the successful candidate through their supervisor or dean and an account of how the funds are expended will be provided to IADR Global Headquarters.

The successful fellow will be responsible for organizing the program outlined in the proposal. This will include contacting the institutions when the training is to take place, confirming the institutions agreement to accepting the fellow and making all the necessary on site arrangements. The fellow will confirm these arrangements with the Division prior to receiving any funding. On completion of the training program, the fellow will provide a report to the Division and the IADR Global Headquarters.


Sheri S. Herren, Strategic Programs Manager – [email protected].


2014 Recipient

Yaoting Ji

Wuhan University, China

2010 Recipient

Kerstin Galler

University of Regensberg, Germany

2008 Recipient

Adam Dowling

Dublin Dental University Hospital, Ireland

2006 Recipient

Moshe Shemesh

Hebrew University – Hadassah, Israel

2004 Recipient

Aiko Nakasone