IADR Colgate Oral Health Research Award

Nomination Deadline: June 6, 2016

The Oral Health Research Group of the IADR is inviting nominations for a group-sponsored award in oral health research. The purpose of the award is to recognize a body of meritorious research by a member of the IADR Oral Health Research Group, with preference given to a Dental Hygienist.


1. Nominee must be a member of the IADR Oral Health Research Group and, if a Dental Hygienist, a graduate of an accredited dental hygiene program.

2. Nominations must include a Curriculum Vitae that provides supporting evidence that the nominee has conducted original research.

3. A letter of nomination should highlight the major reasons and body of research for which the individual is being nominated. Work considered for this award should have resulted in publications in scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

4. Once a nomination is made, it is considered each year for five years unless the nominee is selected for an award during this period.

Research Topic:

Submissions must represent original research in the area of oral health. This includes a broad array of basic, clinical and applied studies related to: strategies for the prevention of oral disease and promotion of wellness; outcomes of primary and secondary preventive care; interdisciplinary approaches to integrating oral health into general health; clinical efficacy of professional and personal oral hygiene measures; methods to improve health outcomes of compromised patients; the dental hygiene process of care; self-care strategies; disease-prevention/health promotion focused curricular models; science transfer methods; ethics and quality assurance; alternative patterns for practice; clinical decision-making; and issues related to the conduct of research.


A Certificate of Recognition and one cash award in the amount of $2,000 will be made. This award is intended to provide travel and other support related to attending the IADR annual meeting and participating in the Oral Health Research Group activities. Information about the award winner will be made available to dental hygiene and other dental publications.


A committee with an appointed chair or co-chairs, the President and Immediate Past-president of the Group will select the winner. A representative of Colgate-Palmolive Company will review eligibility qualifications with the committee. The award recipient will be formally announced during the business meeting of the Oral Health Research Group at the 2016 IADR General Session & Exhibition in Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 23, 2016 and honored during the reception that follows. Researchers who are currently under contract with Colgate-Palmolive are not eligible to participate. The committee may elect not to present an award if there is not an appropriate nominee.


The Award is sponsored by a generous donation from the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

Nomination Deadline:

Nominations must be received by June 6, 2016. 

Submit nominations electronically to Award Chair.

Frances Doherty Genco, Award Chair

Email: [email protected]

2015 Recipient

Jagan K. Baskaradoss

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

2014 Recipient

Annamaria Genovesi, Italy

2013 Recipient

Patricia Lenton, USA

2012 Recipient

Olivia Marchisio, Turin, Italy

2011 Recipient

Christine Charles, USA

2010 Recipient

Helen Whelton, University of Cork, Ireland