AADR Gert Quigley Government Affairs Fellowship

Application Due Date: April 1, 2017!


This public policy fellowship provides a unique learning experience both in Washington, DC and through grassroots efforts at the Fellow’s local university or institution. This fellowship is designed to familiarize dental school, Ph.D., or dual degree students with the federal legislative process as it relates to basic and translational dental and craniofacial research, as well as research on the oral health care delivery system.


The program will consist of the Fellow’s one-year appointment to the AADR Government Affairs Committee (GAC). As a full voting member of the AADR GAC, Fellows will assist with the formulation of Association policy as it relates to the federal budget and other legislative and regulatory activities important to dental research. The Fellow will be expected to spend 6-8 weeks at the AADR Global Headquarters in Alexandria, VA sometime between May-August, as the Fellow’s schedule allows, and to attend both the Fall and Spring AADR GAC meetings in Washington, DC. It is the hope of the AADR that the Fellow can bring a unique perspective on both policy and advocacy to the GAC, and to act as the liaison to the National Student Research Group (NSRG) in regard to government affairs. The Fellow’s responsibilities may include assisting with the drafting of policy, position papers, and testimony; educating members of Congress and federal agencies on matters of importance to dental research; and participating in various national coalition gatherings. The AADR Global Headquarters will offer the Fellow a stipend to assist with housing expenses as a result of the summer requirement. The AADR will also cover travel expenses to the bi-annual AADR GAC meetings in Washington, DC, and any expenses for grassroots advocacy activities arranged by the Fellow and the GAC at the local level.


An applicant must:

  • Be a member of the AADR National Student Research Group (NSRG).
  • Be a D.M.D./D.D.S., Ph.D. or dual degree student.

Interested students may download the application and return it to:

Carolyn Mullen

Director of Government Affairs

American Association for Dental Research

1619 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-3406

Telephone: +1.703.299.8098

Fax: +1.703.548.1883 | Email: [email protected]