IADR Cariology Research Group Travel Award

Supported by Colgate-Palmolive

The Cariology Group of IADR has established this new Award to promote the attendance at the annual IADR scientific meeting of dental, graduate and other students, as well as faculty, from all parts of the world who are working in the field of cariology, erosion and related subjects, and who are affiliated with institutions located in countries designated as lower middle income or below according to the World Bank classification.


January 19, 2016 (coincides with the IADR abstract submission deadline for the IADR General Session & Exhibition in Seoul, Republic of Korea, June 22-25, 2016).


  1. Researchers in the field of caries, erosion or related subjects are welcome to apply for this award.
  2. Candidates must be affiliated with institutions located in countries designated as lower middle income or below according to the World Bank classification (http://data.worldbank.org/about/country-classifications/country-and-lending-groups#Low_income).
  3. Candidates must submit an abstract for presentation at an IADR scientific meeting, selecting “oral presentation” as the preferred format, identifying Cariology Research as the scientific group to which the abstract should be submitted for review, and selecting this award under “Competitions” indicating they wish to be considered for the award.
  4. Candidates must be the presenting author.
  5. Candidates who have received this award in the past may not apply again.
  6. Candidates MUST be an IADR member and member of the IADR Cariology Research Group.


For each annual IADR scientific meeting, one award of US$2,500 will be made to the awardee as a contribution to costs of attending the meeting. The award will be announced at the business meeting of the Cariology Research group at each of these meetings.

Application Procedures:

All researchers, regardless of position (e.g. under-, post-graduate, post-doc, faculty etc.), from all parts of the world who are working in the field of cariology, erosion or related subjects, meeting the criteria outlined above, submitting an abstract for intended oral presentation at the annual IADR scientific meeting, identifying the Cariology scientific group as that which should review the submission, and indicating that they wish to be considered for the award, may be entered into the competition. The application should include:

  1. the submitted abstract
  2. a curriculum vitae
  3. a letter of recommendation from a fellow IADR member
  4. a two-page summary of the research to be presented
  5. a one-page description of the applicant’s present position and current research work.

All documents above should be grouped into one pdf file and e-mailed to Marcelle Nascimento at [email protected].

Review and Selection Process:

Abstracts submitted for the Cariology Group Travel Award will be peer-reviewed by three members of the cariology scientific group with the appropriate expertise to evaluate the submissions. These reviewers will normally be appointed by the president of the CRG. Each submission will be evaluated for:

  1. Meeting the author eligibility criteria outlined above
  2. The relevance of the subject to the fields of cariology and erosion
  3. The innovativeness of the subject matter to the fields of cariology and erosion
  4. The clarity of the aims
  5. The appropriateness of the methodology
  6. An overall evaluation of the quality of the abstract

Abstracts will be scored and ranked independently by each of the reviewers. Where disagreement occurs, discussion among members of the executive will resolve any differences. The reviewers will agree to a final ranking of the top abstract.

The awardee will be notified two weeks before the pre-registration deadline.

Awardee responsibilities:

  1. To attend the general IADR meeting and Caries Research Group-related activities, including the annual business meeting where the awardee will be announced.
  2. To acknowledge in the study presentation (and possible future publications) the receipt of the Caries Research Group Travel Award.

The Cariology Group of IADR reserves the right not to give the award in the event no eligible entries are received or in case submissions are not of a sufficiently high standard as determined by the reviewers.


Marcelle Nascimento

Associate Professor 

Department of Restorative Dental Sciences

Division of Operative Dentistry

College of Dentistry

University of Florida

[email protected]

2015 Recipient

Esther Vzamere

University of Benin Teaching Hospital