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Abstract notifications were sent on Wednesday, December 12, 2013. If you did not receive your notification, please use this link to obtain a PDF copy:

Oral Presenter Guidelines

Poster Presenter Guidelines

Presenter Regulations

Presenter Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Scientific Program Timeline

IADR/AADR Policy on Full Disclosure

Abstract Withdraw/Presenter Change Request Form

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Presenter Regulations:


Submission of your paper carries with it the obligation for you to present your abstract at the time and in the mode indicated in your acceptance letter.

Failure to Present:

Deadline to withdraw an abstract without penalty is January 15, 2014. Unwarranted withdrawals after this deadline may be subject to penalty. Presenters who fail to present accepted papers may not submit papers for the next annual meeting, unless acceptable explanations are provided to Global Headquarters using the Withdraw/Presenter Change Request Form prior to the start of the meeting. DO NOT notify the Session Chair. Lack of institutional or grant travel funding is not an acceptable explanation.


Presenter Agreement:

All presenters agree to the following conditions during abstract submission:

  1. Affirm that any work with human or animal subjects reported in the abstract complies with the guiding principles for experimental procedures found in the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association, and this research project has been duly cleared by my Institutional Review Board (IRB) or institutional Ethics committee or an equivalent ethical body.

  2. Affirm that the work has not been published or presented elsewhere prior to the meeting.

  3. Agree that if the abstract is accepted, IADR/AADR has permission to publish the abstract in printed and/or electronic formats.

  4. Agree to pre-register for the meeting and pay the appropriate registration fee by the presenter pre-registration deadline of January 15, 2014.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will I receive notification about my abstract?

    Abstract notification emails are scheduled to be sent to Presenting Authors only, in mid-December 2013. Presentation date and time will be included in all acceptance letters.

  2. If I need to withdraw my abstract, what should I do?

    Please submit the Abstract Withdraw/Presenter Change Request Form to submit your request formally to the IADR/AADR Global Headquarters. If you are making a presenter change request, please note the following: individuals may present only one abstract (excluding Symposia, Hands-on Workshops, Lunch & Learns and Keynote Speakers) and the replacement presenter must be a co-author on your abstract. Additionally, requests should be made well in advance of the presenter pre-registration deadline of January 15, 2014.

  3. Can I make changes to my abstract text after the deadline?

    No. IADR/AADR does not permit modifications to abstract text after the abstract deadline under any circumstances. Due to the high volume of submissions, it is not possible to allow changes. It is very important that you submit an error free abstract text

  4. I forgot to add an author, can I do so after the abstract submission deadline?

    Yes, you can still add an author by emailing the IADR/AADR Meetings Department.

  5. If my abstract is accepted, will I receive my presentation mode preference?

    During submission, authors were asked to submit a presentation mode preference (oral, poster or no preference). IADR/AADR makes every attempt to provide you with your first choice, but there is no guarantee as a number of programming factors must be taken into account during the programming finalization process.

  6. Do Membership fees cover Meeting Registration?

    No. IADR/AADR membership and meeting registration are separate fees.

  7. What happens if I do not pre-register by the presenter pre-registration date of January 15, 2014?

    Failure to register by the presenter pre-registration date results in your abstract being withdrawn from the online Scientific Program and printed program materials. You will not be allowed to present your abstract. The abstract will not be citable as part of the Special Issue of the Journal of Dental Research.

  8. Will IADR/AADR list my department in the Program Book?

    No. IADR/AADR will only list the affiliation/institution of the presenting author in the Program Book due to space limitations. Please make every attempt to list your department/branch separately from your affiliation/institution record.

  9. Will IADR/AADR edit my abstract?

    No. Once you submit your abstract, it will not be edited in any way for content. Typographical or grammatical error will also appear in the final online Scientific Program and in the USB of Abstracts. Abstracts are only formatted to follow IADR/AADR publication guidelines or requirements.

  10. What if I don’t receive my notification letter? Does this mean my abstract was not accepted?

    IADR/AADR sends abstract notification letters (acceptance and non-acceptance) to all Presenting Authors. Email messages can be spam-blocked or sent to bulk folders. Be sure to check those places if you did not receive a scheduled notification. You should add [email protected] to your safe sender recipient list in your email settings.

  11. How do I know my abstract was successfully received?

    As you entered information into the online abstract system, the data was displayed for you on the confirmation pages. At the end of the submission process, a final confirmation page was immediately displayed with all of the information that you submitted including your abstract text. If you have any doubts, email Technical Support to confirm your submission.


Scientific Program

October 10, 2013

Deadline to submit an abstract (oral/poster).

October 15, 2013

Deadline to submit a replacement abstract ($65 replacement fee).

Late Oct – Dec 2013

Peer review process, program creation/scheduling and final review of the Scientific Program by the Annual Session Committee.

December, 11 2013

Notification letters of status emailed to all abstract submission presenters. Presenting authors are responsible for sharing decisions with co-authors.

January 15, 2014

Presenter pre-registration deadline.  If a presenter is not pre-registered by the deadline date, the abstract will be automatically withdrawn from the Scientific Program and will not be citable as part of the Special Issue of the Journal of Dental Research.


Deadline to withdraw an abstract without penalty. Unwarranted withdrawals after this deadline may be subject to penalty.

Late January 2014

Presentation numbers emailed to presenters.

February 3, 2014

Non-presenter pre-registration deadline.

March 19-22, 2014

AADR/CADR Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina


IADR/AADR Policy on Full Disclosure

All presenters must abide by the IADR/AADR Abstract Licensing Policy. All Oral Presenters must include a slide listing any conflict of interest disclosures. 


Abstract Withdraw/Presenter Change Request Form