Poster Submission Guidelines


Important Dates:

July 14

Extended poster submission deadline. (AADR is not collecting abstracts for oral presentation)

For additional information or inquiries about abstracts/meeting proposals, please contact the AADR Meetings Department at [email protected].


Individuals submitting an abstract for the meeting are doing so with the understanding that they must abide by the following policies:

  • You may only present one abstract (except invited speakers).

  • You may appear as a co-author on an unlimited number of abstracts.

  • Presenters do not have to be a member of the IADR.

  • You may not present previously published or presented work.

  • All presenters are required to pre-register by September 3, 2014. Failure to pre-register will result in your abstract being withdrawn from the meeting.

  • The official language of the meeting and all communications will be in English.

  • Presenters must agree to the IADR/AADR Policy on Abstract Licensing and the IADR/AADR Policy on Full Disclosure.

  • Presenters must agree that any work with human or animal subjects reported in the abstract complies with the guiding principles for experimental procedures found in the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association, and that the research project has been duly cleared by my Institutional Review Board (IRB) or institutional Ethics committee or an equivalent ethical body.


The word limit for abstracts is 300 words. Titles are limited to 10 words or less. Titles, authors and authors’ affiliations are not included in the 300 word limit. The abstract must contain a brief statement of:

  1. The objectives of the investigation,

  2. Experimental methods used,

  3. Essential results, including data and, where appropriate, statistics,

  4. Conclusion

To achieve a more consistent style, the words “Objectives:”, “Methods:”, “Results:”, and “Conclusion:” each immediately followed by a colon as shown, must appear in the body of your abstract. The online abstract system will not accept abstracts unless they contain these words.


  • DON’T submit abstracts reporting studies with unidentified drugs or materials. They will not be accepted.

  • DO include tables or charts if applicable.

  • DO mention the name of a commercial product if used in the research but only once.

  • DO disclose external funding (required) by listing the name of supporting agency and grant number on the title step. This information will not count toward your abstract text limit. You do NOT need to re-list the funding information with the abstract text.

  • DO include financial disclosures.


Presentations will be selected for the program on the basis of the scientific quality of the work as judged from the abstract. Each abstract will be reviewed by reviewers with expertise in the topic. Click here to see a list of reasons an abstract may be rejected.