IADR IRG-JSOI New Investigator Research Awards

Sponsored by the IADR Implantology Research Group (IRG) and the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology (JSOI).

Deadline: January 19, 2016

New investigators in their first academic appointment are invited to submit a research abstract for the 2016 IRG-JSOI New Investigator Research Awards. The awards, financially supported by the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, are co-sponsored and administered by the IADR Implantology Research Group. The award was created to encourage and support new investigators in the early stages of their careers in oral health research related to the topic of oral implantology. Prizes will be made within two categories:

  • Clinical Research, involving research on human subjects, or involving epidemiology.
  • Basic Science Research, involving laboratory or animal research.

Two awards will be made in each category: $1,000 for first place and $500 for second place.


Early stage investigators, who have completed their dental school, residency program or doctoral training within 36 months of the 2016 IADR General Session & Exhibition, June 22-25, 2016, Seoul, Republic of Korea AND are in their first tenure-track academic appointment in a dental school are eligible to apply. Candidates MUST be an IADR IRG member.


Applicants must submit an abstract within the Implantology Research Group for the 2016 IADR General Session & Exhibition by the January 19, 2016 deadline. After abstract review for the competition, applicants whose abstracts are considered competitive will be contacted to submit additional documents. 

Required Documents:

If contacted for additional documents, candidates must submit an extended abstract (a .pdf file of no more than 4 pages in length) and a biosketch via e-mail by an extended abstract deadline. Candidates must indicate on the biosketch form their IADR IRG membership number and must indicate on the extended abstract into which category they are entering (Clinical Research or Basic Science Research). A letter from the candidate’s Dean confirming their eligibility must also be submitted with a full application.


The IRG Awards Committee will coordinate review of the abstracts. Each abstract (and the extended abstract) will be evaluated on its scientific merits by the IRG Awards Committee. Each reviewer will give each abstract a numerical rating, and the scores of all reviewers will be averaged to give an overall abstract score. This overall score will be used as the basis for decision making.

Submissions will be judged using the following criteria:

0: not present

1: inadequate

2: adequate

3: outstanding

  1. The abstract: Was it well organized?
  2. Research question: Is there a clearly stated research question or objective?
  3. Significance of the research question: Will findings have a potential impact on implantology research or clinical practice?
  4. Design of the investigation: Is it appropriate to address the research question?
  5. Originality and/or innovative theory: Is the research new?
  6. The Materials and Methods: Was it described in sufficient detail?
  7. Rigor of the research methodology: Is the risk of bias minimized by the use appropriate experimental methods and analytic techniques?
  8. Suitability of the analysis methods: Are the statistical methods applied adequate and coherent for the data?
  9. Soundness of conclusions: Are the results correctly interpreted and based on the data? Do the conclusions clearly relate to the stated research question?

The awards will be determined during the IADR General Session and the announcement of the winner will be at the Implantology Research Group Annual Group Business Meeting. The IRG reserves the right to withhold the award.


Dr. John C. Mitchell

Professor & Director of Dental Research

College of Dental Medicine

Midwestern University

19555 N 59th Avenue

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email: [email protected]