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JDR Clinical & Translational Research – a new journal designed for IADR members and other oral health research leaders to publish their research and effectively translate their findings to those who need the information to deliver evidence-based prevention and care.

With a focus on the most relevant and pressing topics in the field of oral health, IADR/AADR’s new title, JDR Clinical & Translational Research, is a publication with a focus on translational knowledge that explicitly draws connections between diverse areas of research, stakeholders, policymakers and public interest.

JDR Clinical & Translational Research is an exciting new opportunity for IADR members and other oral health research leaders to reach practitioners and the public, and quickly impact oral health. Publishing important, groundbreaking original craniofacial, oral and dental research has always been the key to health science advancements; now, by translating that research into clear, quick clinical application, we can emphasize how findings benefit the community and provide well-defined, relatable information to policymakers.


  1. Credibility: Your work will be published with other reports of high quality, rigorously conducted clinical and translational research studies.
  2. Recognition: Your work will be read by top international experts in your field, stimulating interest, discussion and collaboration. 
  3. Impact: The results of your work will be shared with those who can use them to improve health. 
  4. Efficiency: Rapid review process.


In this video, John O’Keefe from the Canadian Dental Association interviews Editor Jocelyne Feine about the inaugural issue of JDR CTR and her vision for the publication. 


In this video, Editor Jocelyne Feine discusses the goals of JDR CTR, the participatory elements of the publication and how authors of original research can get involved.