IADR/AADR Data Governance Policy

The IADR/AADR Data Governance Policy is intended to provide the greatest possible access by the Associations’ members and volunteer leaders to information in the membership database and define terms of use for member data. It also is prepared to be in compliance with applicable laws. This policy is intended to ensure that IADR/AADR protects the data it maintains and assure that data is used in a fair and responsible manner in accordance with the IADR and AADR Privacy Policies.

Use of the IADR/AADR Member Search

  • Permission to access and use the information contained in the Member Search (located at http://iadr.enoah.com/Home/Member-Search) is restricted to IADR/AADR members in good standing (i.e. with non-expired or lapsed memberships). Members may not provide their log-in information to anyone else, authorize others to use information obtained from the Member Search, or assign or transfer any information from the Member Search to any individual or organization.
  • The Member Search is provided as a service to members to permit them to contact other members for noncommercial personal and Association business (section activities, committee work, etc.). Use of Member Search information for recruiting, commercial, political, or promotional (marketing and sales) purposes is strictly prohibited.
  • An individual member’s right to access the Member Search and use of the information is conditioned on compliance with IADR/AADR policies. IADR/AADR reserves the right to limit or terminate use of this feature at any time if, at IADR/AADR’s sole discretion, it believes that an individual is using membership information in a manner that is prohibited by these policies.
  • IADR/AADR does not undertake to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information presented in the Member Search, and makes no representation or warranty concerning the accuracy of the information included.
  • IADR/AADR makes no representation or warranty concerning the inclusion or omission of any individual from the Member Search. IADR/AADR members have the option to remove their contact information (address, phone and email) from the searchable online member directory if they so choose

Data Request and Usage Guidelines for Officers/Volunteer Leaders

IADR/AADR volunteer leaders of various component groups, such as IADR Regions, Divisions, Sections; IADR Scientific Groups and Networks; IADR Committees; AADR Sections; AADR Committees and Joint IADR/AADR Committees may contact IADR/AADR Global Headquarters to requests lists of members for various needs. Below are the usage guidelines for component group data:

  • IADR/AADR officers/leaders of component groups may receive member information, provided that:
    • Such information is: limited to the respective component group,
    • used only for legitimate component group activities as approved by IADR/AADR,
    • maintained as confidential,
    • not share or distributed outside of the component group leadership, and
    • is not used for private, personal or commercial use.
  • Member data will only be distributed to current officers/leaders of component groups whose IADR/AADR membership is in good standing (i.e. expired, lapsed or non-member officers/leaders will not be eligible to receive member data).
  • IADR/AADR officers/leaders may only use the personal information of members within their component group for the following approved uses:
    • Announcements and promotions of IADR/AADR-related events
    • Announcements and newsletters discussing activities of the component group
    • Officer/leader election ballots or voting notices
  • Maintaining external databases or listserves of members is strictly prohibited. A new list should be requested from the IADR/AADR Global HQ for each communication.