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Visitors entering the Republic of Korea (ROK) must hold a valid passport and visa to enter the country. Nationals of visa waiver or visa-free countries may enter the country without a visa for tourism purposes only. Nationals of non-visa waiver countries must apply for visas at the nearest Korean embassy or consulate prior to entering the ROK. For more information, go to the website of the Korea Immigration Service: (Korean, English) 


Immigrations and Customs

After exiting your plane, follow the signs to get to immigration. Non-resident foreigners must fill out an Arrival card like the one pictured below.

After going through immigration and baggage claim, you must pass through the customs checkpoint before exiting the terminal. You must present your customs declaration form even if you have nothing to declare. If traveling with family, you may fill out one card for the entire family.


Ground/airport transportation

If arriving to Korea from abroad, Incheon International Airport will most likely be the port of arrival. Located approximately 1 hour from downtown Seoul, there are a number of convenient ways to get to the city.


Conference Location

Coex is located in the World Trade Center Complex in Gangnam District south of the Han River in Seoul.

Address: Coex, 524, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82-2-6000-0114



From Incheon International Airport

Deluxe Limousine Bus is the most convenient way to travel from Incheon Int’l Airport to the COEX. The spacious 25-seat luxury bus takes you directly to the COEX. You may get information on limousine buses and purchases bus tickets at the Transportation Information Counter (near Exit No. 2, 4, 9, and 13) on the arrival floor (1 fl.) of the passenger terminal.


Operating Hours

Traveling Time

Fare (KRW)

Bus Stop
Incheon Int’l Airport → Coex: Bus No. 6704 05:00-23:00 (30 min. intervals) 70 ~80 min. 15,000 1st Floor 4B 11A
Imperial Palace Hotel → Ramada Seoul Hotel → Coex InterContinental Hotel → Grand InterContinental Hotel → Coex

You may purchase the bus tickets at the Transportation Information Counter (near exit no. 2, 4, 9, 13) on the arrival floor (1st floor) of passenger terminal.


From Gimpo International Airport

There are many buses leaving from IIA to the Venue and hotels. To purchase the bus ticket, you are advised to go to the Transportation Information Counter (near the exit 2,4, 9, 13) on the arrival floor (1st floor) of passenger terminal.

CALT Limousine Bus (Destination: Trade Center, No.6104)

Time to destination

Approximately 44~55 minutes (approximately 35km)

Single fare

7,000 won (adults) / 4,000 won (Child)

Bus stops

Gimpo Airport(1F)

*Domestic Arrivals: Platform 3

*International Arrivals: Platform 6

Where to buy tickets

CALT Limousine Bus stops



Click here for bus routes.


Train (AREX)

AREX is a railway line that connects downtown Seoul with Incheon Int’l Airport and Gimpo Airport. An All Stop Train and an Express Train are available: the All Stop Train stops at every station and the Express Train runs non-stop between Incheon Int’l Airport and Seoul Station. The express train from Incheon Int’l Airport costs 14,700 won and takes just over 40 minutes. Express trains depart every 20-40 minutes. All Stop trains cost approximately 3,950 won and takes about an hour to get to Seoul Station.

Click here for more about AREX

Incheon Airport Railroad Guide

Incheon Airport Railroad is a means of airport link transportation running 11 stations between Incheon Airport station and Seoul station. You can be guided to Incheon Airport Railroad and then buy ticket at booth 45 of arrival floor or travel center of Incheon Airport Railroad (a basement level between a passenger terminal and a traffic center) or customer information center of Incheon Airport station. 

Train Type

Express train (taking 43 min. non-stop running between Incheon Airport station and Seoul station, operation interval: 30 min.)

All-stop train (taking 56 min. stop all 11 stations between Incheon Airport station and Seoul station, operation interval: 12 min.)

How to use the Incheon Airport Railroad at Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal Arrival floor (1st floor) → Move to transportation center on the first basement level → Walk to Incheon Airport Station (tip : Airport Railroad is indicated by “yellow-colored letters” on the directional signs on the arrival floor of Incheon Airport. Simply follow the “yellow-colored letters” to reach the Incheon Airport Railroad station).


If you need any additional information related to the operation of Incehon Airport Railroad, please inquire to Incheon Airport Railroad. (? 1599-7788)


COEX Center, Trade Center, COEX Intercontinental Hotel, and Grand InterContinental Hotel are all connected to ‘Samsung Station’, subway line no.2. Please use the Exit #6 connected to the COEX Mall.



Operating Hour


Travelling Time



Incheon International Airport ↔

Hongik Univ.

(Transfer to Line 2)


10 min

47 min

KRW 3,300


Line 2

Hongik Univ. (Line 2) ->

Samsung Station (Line 2)


5 min

54 min

KRW 1,400



There are 4 types of taxis: regular, international, deluxe and jumbo. International taxis have been introduced for the convenience of foreign tourists because the drivers can communicate in English. For these taxis, advanced reservations are required. International taxis are slightly more expensive than regular taxis, but drivers can speak in foreign languages. Deluxe taxis are approximately 40-50% more expensive than regular taxis, but are more luxurious vehicles. Jumbo taxis are vans that can accommodate up to 8 passengers and are the same price as deluxe taxies. Taxi stands for each type of taxi are separated and are located outside the arrival terminal. You can book a taxi through the 24-hour call centre (tel: 1644-2255).

From Incheon Int’l Airport

Taxi Stands: Taxi stands are located on the arrival level (1F) at the passenger terminal between platform 4D and 8C.

Taxis run at Incheon airport are in partnership with Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi taxis. Therefore, the long distance premium will not be charged when traveling from Seoul, Incheon, Gyoenggi to Incheon Int’l Airport, but can be charged vice versa. (For example, if you use “Seoul” taxi, the long distance premium will not be charged from Incheon Int’l Airport to “Seoul” or vice versa, but will be charged from Incheon Int’l Airport to “Incheon”.)

Standard prices to downtown Seoul

An extra toll charge of 7,900 won on the Incheon Airport expressway will be added to what is displayed on the meter.


Estimated Time (min.)

Estimated Fare


Incheon Int’l Airport↔Gimpo Int’l Airport



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Courtyard by Marriott(Yeongdeungpo-dong)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Grand Hyatt Hotel(Hannam-dong)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Shilla Hotel (Jangchung-dong)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Grand InterContinental Hotel(Samseong-dong)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Marriott Hotel(Euljiro-dong)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Grand Hilton Hotel(Hongeun-dong)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Meyong-dong



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Dongdaemun Market



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Namdaemun Market



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Namsan(N Seoul Tower)



Incheon Int’l Airport↔Insa-dong



From Gimpo Airport

Regular Taxi

  • At the no. 1 platform in front of the ground floor of the domestic line office building.
  • The minimum fare in Seoul is 1,900 won, and 100 won are added per 144m.

Deluxe Taxi

  • At the no. 2 platform in front of the ground floor of the domestic line office building.
  • The minimum fare is 4,500 won per 3km, and 200 won are added per 164m.