IADR University Of Manchester Evidence-Based Dentistry Award


This award recognizes excellence in evidence-based dentistry (EBD) and is given for the best poster or oral presentation at each IADR General Session promoting the use of best evidence to inform clinical practice and teaching. This new award will include the implementation of evidence into clinical practice, embedding EBD into the dental curriculum and methodological work.


  1. Member of the IADR Evidence-based Dentistry Network (EBDN).
  2. Must present research findings at the upcoming IADR General Session.
  3. In the event an abstract selected for the University of Manchester (UoM) EBD award is withdrawn, it is the responsibility of the award candidate to notify the EBDN about the withdrawal at least 2 weeks in advance of that year’s IADR General Session.


Abstracts should be submitted to the Secretary of the EBDN in response to the regular call for abstracts for the IADR General Session by the January 19, 2016 deadline.  When submitting an abstract to IADR, please select “Evidence-based Dentistry Network” as the Scientific Groups & Network so that the accepted abstract will be scheduled in an EBDN session. The winner will be announced during the conference.

Review & Selection Process:

A subcommittee of the EBDN Executive Committee will review abstracts, view posters and attend presentations. The winning submission will be judged based on scientific rigor, relevance, and potential impact.


An award of $1,000 and a certificate will be presented to the winner at the IADR Meeting.


Supported by the EBDN and University of Manchester.


If there are any questions, please contact: EBDN Secretary Julie Frantsve-Hawley at [email protected]